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Pedraza de Yeltes

Bullfight Pedraza de Yeltes.– Bullfighting Bulls – All the information about cattle firms, Owner, insignia, farms, acronym and history. Buy your tickets for all bull fighting events with bulls from Pedraza de Yeltes. Ranch.

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Bulls Pedraza de Yeltes

Owner: Prez 88, S.A.

Badge: White and Green.

Acronym: UBA.

Ear signal: Split in both.

Cattle farm: 'Pedraza de Yeltes'37494 Castraz de Yeltes (Salamanca).


History: One of the lots in which there was divided the ranching of don Jose Antonio Adalid proceeding from Vistahermosa and Barber of Utrera happens in 1902 to don Francisco Taviel de Andrade and successively to don Gregorio Campos in 1908, don Narciso Darnaude in 1921, don Romualdo Arias of Queen in 1930, Nobleman Brothers in 1932 and later, in 1950, to don Arturo Perez Fernandez. In 1953 it distributes in five lots for each of his children, and the one that corresponded to dona Maria del Carmen Perez Lopez de Tejada was sold in 1955 to don Francisco Rincón Cañizares who is acquired in turn in 1970 by dona Margarita Hernández Castro. In 1971 it is sold to the Brothers Gutiérrez Mora and acquired in 1975 by don Salustiano Galache who announces it addressed to his wife dona Maria Teresa Calderón. In 1976 everything previous was eliminated and there is formed exclusively by the lot of cows and breeding of Oaks, origin " Vega - village ", that corresponded to don Salustiano Galache of his mother dona Caridad Cobaleda, widow of Galache. In 2006 it is acquired by his current owners, who change the iron, currency and sign of ear, and they form her with cattle of " The Prop " and don Pío Tabernero de Vilvís. In 2007 they eliminated all the don Pío Tabernero de Vilvís's beasts and more of females buy another lot to ' The Prop '.