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Bullfighter Jose Luis Vázquez Silva 

Born: Sevilla, San Bernardo district, June 9, 1957

Debuted: in Seville on August 15, 1979

I take the alternative: on April 19, 1981, in Seville, from his uncle, Manolo Romero Curro Vazquezand witness, to Jandilla bulls.

His confirmation:was in Sales on May 23, 1981. Sponsor: Manolo Vázquez. Witness: CurroVazquez. Cattle Manolo Gonzalez.

Guardian: Since February 2009 he seizes Antonio Muñoz Serum.

Son of Socrates of San Bernardo, the current school teacher in Seville taurine great interest in the beginning by his great artistic talents though his figure as matador was gradually diluted andbullfighting in fewer places, being always Sevilla of them.