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Bullfight Vellosino.– Bullfighting Bulls – All the information about cattle firms, Owner, insignia, farms, acronym and history. Buy your tickets for all bull fighting events with bulls from Vellosino. Ranch.

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Bulls Vellosino

Owner: Vellosino Agropecuaria, SL

Badge: Green and I pray

Acronym: UIW

Ear signal: Orejisana in both ears.

Cattle farm: Vellosino en Campo de Ledesma-Villaseco de Los Reyes (Salamanca)

History: Formed by the Marquess of Castrojanillos, there happened to don Francisco Roperuelas and don Teodoro Valle, in 1885 to don Gumersindo Gutiérrez Gago and don Fernando Nuño Ledesma in 1887, dona Maria Nuño Vicente and his husband, don Francisco Escudero in 1916, and to his death, to his children don Julíán and don Manuel Escudero Nuño. In 1948 they divided this one, corresponding to don Julián the original iron. To his death the ranching was divided in three lots and that of don Francisco Escudero Mufiel was acquired, in the year 1970, by don Manuel San Roman of Valdés, who eliminated everything previous, acquiring cows and breeding to don Antonio Arribas proceeding from don Juan Pedro Domecq. In 1980 it returned to acquire of don Antonio Arribas you become vacant and breeding. In 2000 it is acquired by the new owners.