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Bullfight Partido de Resina.– Bullfighting Bulls – All the information about cattle firms, Owner, insignia, farms, acronym and history. Buy your tickets for all bull fighting events with bulls from Partido de Resina. Ranch.

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Bulls Partido de Resina

Owner: Partido de Resina Sociedad agrícola y Ganadera S.L

Badge: Azure blue and white

Acronym: UCTL

Ear signal: Rabisaco on the right, split and notch on the left.

Cattle farm: Partido de Resina, aznalcázar (Sevilla)

History: It was formed by Mr Rafael José Barbero. In 1870 acquired it Mr Rafael Laffitte y Castro. In 1885 it was sold to Don Carlos Conradi who, that same year, spent much to Mr Felipe de Pablo Romero. In 1906 passed to Mr Felipe Pablo-Romero and Llorente and in 1943, after the death of this, went on to their children. From 1944 he announces on behalf of Mr José Luis and heirs of Don Felipe de Pablo-Romero. In 1956 a family company which is named Manager is formed to Mr José Luis Pablo-Romero and passes to announce sons of Pablo Romero. In 1975 his son Felipe happens, and death, in 1979, management passed to his brother Mr José Luis. Since 1986 happens to belong exclusively to Mr Jaime Pablo-Romero y camera. In 1997 acquires all of the livestock company Partido de Resina S.L., keeping in the same farm cattle, iron, antiquity, signal and currency.