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Eduardo Dávila Miura

Eduardo Dávila Miura, bullfighter from Seville, he took the alternative in La Maestranza bullring. Book your tickets to watch the next bullfights of your favorite bullfighter Eduardo Dávila Miura.

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Bullfighter Eduardo Dávila Miura

Dávila Miura

Date of Birth: on March 5th, 1974 in Seville.

Debut: on June 4th, 1995, with Paco Cervantes and Poli.

Alternative: on April 10th, 1997, in La Real Maestranza in Seville.

Confirmation: on June 6, 1999, in Las Ventas (Madrid).

The bullfighting club of Pamplona proclaimed Eduardo Dávila Miura as the best thrust to the bull "Arenoso" of Miura, which was the second bull to be fought on July 14th.