Abel Valls

Abel Valls was born in Castellon de la Plana. His first calf killed at the age of 9 years. His debut was in Benidorm 2001.

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Bullfighter Abel Valls 

Birth Day: On October 22th, 1986 in Castellón de la Plana (Castellón).

Public debut: At the Benidorm bullring in 2001.

Light debuted: In Alicante in 2002.

Debuted with bullfighter assistants: On March 14th, 2007 Castellón de la Plana, during the Magdalena`s fair (ear and two ears).

Debut in Ventas: On July 15th, 2007.

Alternative: On March 16th, 2009 in Castellón. Sponsor: Matthias Tejela Witness: Alexander Talavante. Toro: "Dragonfly" Source Ymbro. (Two ears in the bull of the alternative andapplause). His love of bullfighting emerged spontaneously to discover through television the beauty and magic that carries abullfight. He fought his first calf nine years and at thirteen entered the bullfighting school Castellón. He received his first lessons by Rufino Milian Montserrat, director of the school, and the bullfigher Lazaro Vicente Soler.