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Víctor Manuel Rodado

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Bullfighter Víctor Manuel Rodado

Birth Day:  On January 13, 1982 in Madrid

Public debut: On August 20, 2006

Debuted with bullfighter assistants: On August 15, 2009 in Campillo de Altobuey (Cuenca).

Born in Madrid, Morata de Tajuña (Madrid). His love of bullfighting comes to him from child and his brother and his father wanted to be bullfighters. He made his debut in prime Alpedrete de la Sierra (Guadalajara), alternating with Juan Ortiz and Gomez del Pilar, a bullfight John Barriopedro.

During the last years of his professional career he has continued to goad chopped heifers and participated as outstanding in heifers and festivals.