¡Taurine Fashion at your scope!

Published : 2015-02-24 00:00:00
Categories : Accesories

Design, Tradition and Passion

Servitoro has got join “Design, Tradition and Passion”. In fact, Servitoro counts with big variety of taurine fashion accessories, for man and woman, causing elegance and fashionable in the bullrings and in the streets.


There are a variety of products related with the Taurine Fashion. These accessories are made with first quality skins, cloths of bullfighter layer or accessories made with the cloth bullfighting dresses. The designs are based in the Spanish art and traditions like: bullfighting, flamenco and horses, all them designed by Trajes de Luces.

Servitoro believes that there is not age that can resist using these spectaculars designs that you can get fastly in our catalogue https://www.servitoro.com/Bullfighting-Fashion.html

From today to 1 March, Servitoro has done a careful selection about these articles that you can find at an extraordinary price! 

                                                    Runs by them!

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pony bag, fashion taurine, pony