The 10 most famous costumes in history

Published : 2016-06-23 00:00:00
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10 costumes for famous bullfighting history

The art of making costumes for bullfighting, the 10 most famous costumes in history. Designers of the bullfighters.

The suit for bullfighting is a key bullfighting element, each design is considered a masterpiece who make real professional specialists, the tailor is aware of how the bullfighter moves in the ring, to give the suit flexibility depending on the evolution of each bullfighter.

The costume is a unique dress to wear in motion and at full sunlight. For every 50 people dress bullfighting and the process takes between 30 and 35 days are needed. The importance of the suit is that whoever wears it feels "bullfighter" with him and forms an inseparable body suit with your carrier.

We wanted to meet the 10 designs of costumes for famous bullfighting history to pay tribute to the close relationship between the world of bullfighting and fashion that have become the arena on a gangway getting enhance the wealth of bullfighting.

1. Picasso designed the suit Luis Miguel Dominguín and tailored the Tailoring Fermin. A light, rhythmic and elastic suit right-hander allowed great freedom of movement in the ring.


2. Giorgio Amani dress designed for Cayetano Rivera Ronda Goyesca, was made by Santos Tailoring. The suit mixes gray and beige colors with square threads, sequins, Swarovski crystals and Spanish film was broadcast worldwide.


3. Christian Lacroix at Spanish influenced by his native Arles designed the costume Antonio Chamaco Son.

       christian lacroix

4. Fernando Botero design the capes of Cesar Rincon for his farewell Santamaria Bogota, cloak wove the tailor of bullfighters Fermin following the instructions of Botero. That afternoon Rincón cut five ears and pardoned a bull.

      cesar rincon

5. Tailoring Fermin bullfighting drafted the dress Sebastian Castella run for the first Picassiana created in 2009. For the first time were changed traditional embroidered silk painted in honor of the painter "Pablo Picasso" and They were inspired to do so in the picture of the son of Pablo Picasso Harlequin dress.

       sebastian castella

6. Francis Montesinos accepted an assignment to Cesar Jimenez to Madrid Goyesca 2007.

         cesar jimenez

7. Christian Lacroix dress design Javier Conde, but because of the intricacies of the suit was drawn in the Santos tailoring.


8. Lorenzo Caprile undertook the design of Pepin Liria in bottle and jet embroidery.

         PEPIN LIRIA

9. Victorio & Lucchino created an outfit for the Antonio Ferrera to make it look bullfight Goyesca in Madrid in 2013.


10. Justo Algaba from Albacete, designed the suit Manuel Diaz "El Cordobes" black and white, bullfight Picassiana for 2009.


According to this magnificent evolution of the bullfighting fashion we are anxious to discover how to contrive the Tailoring of Bullfighter in 2016 to clothe the April 23 in Alcala de Henares in the first Cervantina bullfight to be held in honor of the writer Miguel de Cervantes, the Matadors must wear the Spanish Golden Age.

* Images from the Museum of Costume.