Bullfighting Poster Valencia July

Published : 2017-02-24 00:00:00
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Bullfighting Poster Valencia July

toros en julio en valencia

The July Fair, has the presence of all the bullfighters who have managed to cut two ears to a bull last San Isidro Fair, as David Mora, José María Manzanares, Roca Rey or López Simón. Miguel Ángel Perera and Pablo Hermoso de Mendoza, who were not present at the Fallas Fair, will also be present.

On the last day of the fair the Cuadri livestock returns after its great triumph in the 2014 season in the Valencia bullring.

Regarding the novillada: Two revelations of the escalafón: Luis David Adame after his triumph last May in Madrid and Andy Younes with his triumphs in the Fallas Fair and in the Feria de Pentecostés de Nimes; both are announced along with the novillero of the land Cristián Climent.

The illustration of the posters has been designed by the artist Joserra Lozano: a bull coming out in the traditional desencajonada that is celebrated in this fair.

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