Santander closes the poster of the steers-bullfight

Published : 2019-09-28 00:00:00
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Santander closes the poster of the steers-bullfight

The winner of the season will act on Monday July 22 along with Antonio Grande and José Fernando Molina

The bullfighter Fernando Plaza, recently represented by Nemesio Matías, is the one chosen to close the poster of the steers-bullfight of the Santiago Fair 2019. The young from Madrid has been declared winner of San Isidro and enters by right into the Cantabrian cycle.

Fernando Plaza



Quality at the Santiago Fair 2019

Santander will have a total of seven bullfights and the presence of the main figures, fighting-bull ranches and young promises

Once again, Santander Bullring presents a Fair of Santiago that is placed among the main ones of the season. With a season ticket of seven bullfights composed of a bullfight with horses, a steers-bullfight and five bullfights, the event presents the highest level and has aroused the interest of fans, who have already increased applications for cards for 2019.

The winners of the season as Roca Rey, Pablo Aguado or Paco Ureña; the best livestocks and variety of races; or the permanent commitment to the quarry, are signs of identity of the Bullfighting Fair of Santander.

The Fair will begin on Sunday July 21 with the horse-bulfight and will give way to the cycle that remains as follows;

  • · Sunday, July 21; Los Espartales bulls for the rejoneadores Andy Cartagena, Sergio Galán and Diego Ventura.
  • · Monday 22; novillada by Zacarías Moreno for Antonio Grande, José Fernando Molina and a third party to be appointed.
  • · Tuesday 23; La Quinta bulls for El Cid, Emilio de Justo and Román.
  • · Wednesday 24; bulls of Puerto de San Lorenzo for El Fandi, Sebastián Castella and Alejandro Marcos.
  • · Thursday 25; bulls of Garcigrande-Domingo Hernández for El Juli, Miguel Ángel Perera and Pablo Aguado.
  • · Friday 26; bulls of Juan Pedro Domecq for Diego Urdiales, José María Manzanares and Cayetano.
  • · Saturday 27; Jandilla-Vegahermosa bulls for Morante de la Puebla, Paco Ureña and Roca Rey.

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