Dramatic end of season

Published : 2019-10-19 00:00:00
Categories : Breaking News

Dramatic end of season

The end of the bullfighting season 2020 will always be remembered for the bad news, there have been dramatic moments in Madrid and Zaragoza. Mariano de la Viña suffered a tremendous accident with the bull that had to fight at the Zaragoza Fair 2019. We have good news right now, he's awake and he has started to move his legs, although he has serious injuries.

Miguel Ángel Perera would also suffer another accident minutes later, fortunately he has not suffered a important injury and will soon fight again.

Gonzalo Caballero was hit by a bull in Madrid and today he's evolving favorably.

José María Soler in Zaragoza and Rubén García were also injured but they weren't important injuries.

The surgeons have had a lot of work and deserve all respect for their work and effort.