Enjoy a weekend in Olivenza

Published : 2020-02-24 19:34:52
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On the border between Spain and Portugal is Olivenza, one of the most beautiful towns in our country, it’s a great option to enjoy a different and special weekend in a unique environment.

Olivenza is located in Badajoz and is characterized as a village that has its own idiosyncrasy, which incorporates elements typical of Portuguese culture, is very close to Portugal. In fact, all oliventinos and their descendants have the right to obtain dual , Spanish-Portuguese nationality, since Olivenza was the last region to join Spanish territory.

In the middle of the Extremadura pasture, Olivenza is a very attractive town and has a lot to offer, its walls of templar origin stand out and especially for its great bullfighting tradition.

Although any time of the year is good to visit, we recommend traveling to Olivenza on the weekend of the Bull Fair, it’s one of the most anticipated events in the town. Spanish, Portuguese, German, French, Italian and tourists from all parts of the world are looking forward to this traditional bullfighting fair. Olivenza Bull Fair is the capital of the bull every March.


What to see in Olivenza?


A weekend is the perfect time to visit Olivenza and enjoy its magic, joy and bullfighting culture of this wonderful town. You will like it so much and the weekend will be short.

Therefore, we will let you know what to see in Olivenza so you can enjoy even more your trip. We guarantee you will come back.


Take a walk through the old town


The old town is the most beautiful and characteristic of Olivenza, walking through its streets will be the best way to visit this village, letting you conquer through its narrow streets of white facades where the walls and tiles are protagonist.

The wall of Olivenza is spectacular, it’s the most walled area of the peninsula, which shows its continuous expansion and great defensive needs.

A walk though the old town

Bulls in Olivenza


The fairs and celebrations of Olivenza are a claim for all the neighboring towns, but without any doubt there’s one that stands out: “The Bull Fair of Olivenza”.

The tradition of bulls in Olivenza goes back many years ago, and through his fair it’s the best way to know part of the culture of this beautiful town.

The bullfighting Fair 2020 will be held on the first weekend of March (March 6th, 7th and 8th), being the great annual event of the town. With a great atmosphere you will enjoy the best bullfighters, such as José María Manzanares, El Juli or Enrique Ponce.

During the fair, the Olivenza bullring sells all the tickets, so don't miss this unique event. You can buy now your tickets for the Olivenza Bull Fair in Servitoro in advance.

Olivenza bullfighting fair



Typical food of Olivenza


You can also enjoy the weekend to taste the typical food of Olivenza, which conquers the most demanding palates and foodies.


Oliventina food combines traditional elements of the Spanish and Portuguese gastronomies. The most typical is the "Tecula Mecula", a very special sweet originally from Olivenza that is similar to the toast yolk. Simply outstanding.

Santa María Magdalena Church


Santa María Magdalena church


Another of the places you should visit is the Santa María de la Magdalena church in Olivenza, a 16th-century construction that is the greatest exponent of Portuguese Manueline art in the town of Extremadura.

A church that combines late gothic architecture with naturalistic decorations and sailor elements, with historized tiles and large columns inside the church.


How to get to Olivenza?


The journey to Olivenza will depend on the starting point, but the arrival to the town by car is very simple from Spain and Portugal, It’s located just 30 minutes from the center of Badajoz.