Fernando Adrián and the Beneficencia Bullfight: a line-up worthy of the event

Published : 2024-05-17 16:49:26
Categories : Breaking News

Fernando Adrián has released on social media the design of the poster that will illustrate his afternoon at the Charity Bullfight. It is an image with the Las Ventas bullring in the background while he performs natural bullfighting to the brave bull of Juan Pedro Domecq, which he managed to cut off the ears last year, precisely also in this emblematic celebration to which he entered by right.

This year, despite having been left out of Fairs such as Fallas, April or San Isidro, he will be in this pompous poster and in which it has always been considered, along with the Resurrection Sunday in Seville, the most important celebration of the entire season. There is exactly one month left for this appointment, as it will be on June 9th.

In this celebration, a bullfight of Garcigrande will be fought, one of the most important cattle ranches of the brave field, and along with Fernando Adrián, Morante de la Puebla and Sebastián Castella are announced. It happens that both Sebastián and Fernando were already announced in this same bullfight last year.

20 consecutive grand exits

It should be remembered that Fernando Adrián, who has so far 20 consecutive shoulder exits, came out on shoulders on the two afternoons he fought last year in Las Ventas. The first was on May 31st when he walked an ear of each bull of Santiago Domecq that fell to his lot, cutting two ears to a great bull of Juan Pedro Domecq on June 18th in one of the feats of the season in this square. Two victories that led him to achieve the dream of being proclaimed winner of the Fair.

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