Fernando Adrián and the Beneficencia: the 40th bullfight of his life

Published : 2024-06-03 14:03:13
Categories : Breaking News

This Sunday, Fernando Adrián will face the 40th bullfight of his life, a significant milestone that coincides with the prestigious Charity Bullfight. Despite challenges, such as not having participated in the Fairs of Valencia, Seville, or San Isidro at the start of this season, Fernando continues to advance with determination in his career.

To date, Fernando has demonstrated impressive performance in the bullring. Of the 39 bullfights he has participated in since 2013, he has been carried out on shoulders in 34 occasions. In fact, he has achieved this feat in 21 consecutive bullfights, the last of which was on May 20 at the Pentecost Fair in Nimes, where he cut the ears of a bull from Virgen María during his confirmation of alternative in France.

Last year, Fernando left an indelible mark on Las Ventas, exiting through the Grand Door on two occasions during the San Isidro Fair and the Charity Bullfight. This achievement allowed him to participate in a series of bullfights in the main fairs, in all of which he was carried out on shoulders. Now, he is announced to participate in what is considered, along with Resurrection, the most important bullfight of the season. On this occasion, he will share the ring with Morante and Castella, facing bulls from Garcigrande.

So far this year, Fernando has participated in four bullfights - in Castellón, Illescas, Valdetorres de Jarama, and Nimes - and in all of them, he has been carried out on shoulders.

Fernando’s career is a story of struggle and perseverance, with Madrid as its central axis. After taking the alternative on June 15, 2013, he had to wait almost a decade to confirm it in the most important square in the world. Last year, he emerged as one of the most promising young people in the Fairs, thanks to his double victory in Las Ventas.

Fernando arrived in Madrid with a single opportunity, represented by Santiago Domecq, one of the most regular irons in the ranking. He managed to cut an ear to ‘Costurero’ and another to ‘Contento’, which allowed him to be carried out on shoulders. Fifteen days later, he entered on his own merits in the Charity Bullfight, where he alternated with Castella and Emilio de Justo. On that occasion, he walked the two ears of an extraordinary ‘Kidnapper’ from Juan Pedro Domecq.

This Sunday, Fernando will participate in the 40th bullfight of his life as a matador. It is a fair recognition that he participates in the highest category bullfight of the entire season, alongside the Sevillian Resurrection Sunday.