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How much you know about the bull?

The fighting bulls is a type of cattle that has been specially selected and bred to produce bulls who face a matador in a bull ring, in an event called bullfight.

Fighting Bull Exterior:

The bull, mammal robust 1.5 meters high and 2.5 meters long, can weigh up to 1000 kg. The biggest bull that has dealt in history weighed 950 kilos, and he did the Mexican David Liceaga in the Monumental de Barcelona July 24, 1932.

Parts of the bull are exploited to the maximum in different sectors such as food, handicrafts, taxidermy (technique to dissect animals), footwear, among others.

Skin: may be used for up to 15 pairs of shoe soles. It is also used to design vests and rope pulleys.
Gastronomy: skull, eyes, spine, tonsils and intestines are not marketed.
Other uses: creams, soaps, gels and shampoos.

      fighting bull

We really distinguish a bull from another? What do the graffiti on the body of the bull? with the following pictures you can meet one of its characteristics "Hair" and its immense distinctions !!

Cattle hairs or pints
Uniform hair:

                      Toro de lidia

  • Ensabanado: Skin and white hairs

  • Albabahio: Color beige (more common in calves)

  • Jabonero clear

  • Jabonero: Dirty White yellowish

  • Jabonero Sucio

  • Barroso: light brown

  • Melocotón: light reddish hair

  • Rubio: light red or gold colored

  • Colorado: tone more or less red hair

  • Retinto: darker red color, uneven tone.

  • Castaño claro

  • Castaño: Mix of red hair and black

                      toro de lidia pelo

Bull you enter the white and the other any possible, on uneven spots. They are called pronghorn in the color of those spots.

                      toro de lidia. berrendos

Resulting from the mixture of black hairs, red and white

                                  toro de lidia. sardo

Paint that is a mixture of white and colored hairs

                                  toro de lidia. salinero

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