Hand in hand at the Albahaca Fair 2019

Published : 2019-10-23 00:00:00
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Published the Albahaca Fair 2019

The Bullfighting Fair of Huesca will be held from August 10th to 14th with four bullfights and one "Rejones" show.

Sebastián Castella and Emilio de Justo with bulls of Adolfo Martín is the most desired show of the Albahaca Fair.

You can also enjoy great bullfighters like Antonio Ferrera, Roca Rey, Cayetano or the "Rejoneador" Leonardo Hernández riding his horse.

To this very complete Fair, we must also add nine popular bullfighting shows that will take place between August 8th and 15th.




Adolfo Martin's bulls are ready for the Albahaca Fair

The bulls will be fighting on Saturday, August 11th. Fans will enjoy them in the second show of the Fair.

The consecrated bullfighters Juan Bautista, Serranito and Emilio de Justo will be the ones to fight the bulls of Aldolfo Martín.



Albahaca Fair 2018

The management company Tauroemoción has published the posters for the Albahaca Fair 2018 with a variety of great bullfighters, talents of "Rejones" show and a spectacular "mano a mano" that will take place between El Juli and Enrique Ponce.




Huesca bullring will be managed by Tauroemoción

The company Tauroemoción, managed by Alberto García, will organize the next Huesca Fair. Tauroemoción has submitted the required documents and today the mayor of Huesca has signed the contract with the management company.


Tauroemoción will organize four bullfights, one "Rejones" show, and other bullfighting modalities like "Recortes" or Grand Prix. San Lorenzo Fair 2018 will be from August 10th to 14th.

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