Tribute to the bullfight doctors in Vistalegre Bullring

Published : 2019-12-16 00:00:00
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The Tauroemoción company has organized a bullfighting festival together with the Spanish Society of Bullfighting Surgery

The ‘Angels of Bullfighting’, our bullfighting surgeons, will be honored on February 22 at the Vistalegre Bullring of Madrid . It seems that, once again, the bullring of Carabanchel will be in charge of opening the season in the capital, this year also for a good cause, since funds will be raised for the work of the Spanish Society of Bullfighting Surgery.

Its president, Dr. Pascual González Masegosa, has been excited and grateful both with Tauroemoción and with the ownership of the bullring, for facilitating the celebration of the festival. The bullfighting festival, whose poster will probably be presented next week, hopes to have some of the most current figures and bullfighters. It will be a special afternoon of recognition for those who have saved so many lives in the arena.

Booking for Vistagregre, 2020 february festival

Bullfight Vistalegre Madrid

Facade of Vistalegre Bullring, in Carabanchel.

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