Jimenez brothers bring bullfighting to Tabladilla school

Published : 2024-05-07 19:19:08
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Translate to English for a British English speaker to understand: The brothers Javier and Borja Jiménez starred, this Monday, in a memorable night at the Tabladilla school in Seville, the educational center where they studied and where they keep great memories and many of their friendships. More than 200 people filled the school’s auditorium on a night when the brothers recounted their beginnings, how they lived day by day in the center, and how they began to want to be bullfighters here. The wide presence of children with their parents at the event stood out.

The event, under the title “The Strength of Constancy,” was moderated by Manuel Fernández Leal and Carlos Villarrubia. The two former students of the Tabladilla School, contributed their knowledge and experience to enrich the dialogue and seek a balance between the values of bullfighting and the principles of the school.

“The time I lived in this school was one of the most beautiful stages of my life, if not the most, that of childhood and adolescence in which I shared with my brother many afternoons of bullfighting and dreams, and together with the master Espartaco father, who instilled in me the values of effort, constancy and perseverance to achieve the objectives,” said Borja Jiménez in one of the moments of the gathering.

Another key moment of this came when talking about the values of the environment and the family, which led both matadors to move forward: “A healthy and safe environment is key to the future, and that was provided to us by these classrooms,” Javier Jiménez proudly pointed out.

And Borja also spoke about how he is currently achieving his dream: “The struggle and sacrifice is the only thing that has led me to be what I am. Ahead, I have three afternoons in Madrid to claim what I have been working on with my manager, Julián Guerra, in recent years. I take each afternoon as if it were the last, and in that line I want to achieve the dream of reaching the top.”

Finally, the Jiménez brothers valued the “illusion” that it means to bullfight together next June at the Sanjoaninas Fair in the Azores Islands, where they will take part in one of the star festivities of the Portuguese subscription.

Espartaco, Dávila Miura or Pablo Aguado already preceded the Jiménez brothers in this act

The Tabladilla School in Seville has a solid tradition of bringing its students and the general community closer to the world of bullfighting through its bullfighting talks. In the past, it has had the presence of great figures of bullfighting who have shared their experiences and knowledge with the public. These events have contributed to enrich the understanding of bullfighting, highlighting both the values of this art and its cultural and traditional importance.

It should be remembered that names of great importance in the history of bullfighting such as Juan Antonio Ruiz “Espartaco”, Eduardo Dávila Miura or Pablo Aguado had previously shared other gatherings at this school.