s First bullfighting show of the 2024 season. Bullfighter Lama de Gongora

Lama de Góngora, who will start the 2024 season:

Published : 2024-01-10 12:47:17
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Paco Lama de Góngora will uncork the 2024 season on 20 January in the mixed bullfight which will take place in the Huelva town of Lucena del Puerto. The bullfight will be held from 16:30 in the afternoon, and will feature five Osborne bulls, with the rejoneador Andrés Romero and, on foot, Lama de Góngora and Alejandro Conquero. This is a bullfight organised by the company Velagua Eventos, directed by Juan Sánchez Bravo.

"Starting the season so early is very exciting for me" says Lama de Góngora.

"I'm looking forward to kicking it off at this event; I want to see the fruits of so many years without a single day of disconnection. I want to put aside the search for triumph and fight to reach the depth and what I believe in as a bullfighter. Having the opportunity to do this so soon, in Lucena del Puerto, is key for me", says the young Sevillian bullfighter.

As an incentive, a bull from the legendary Osborne bull-ranch will be fought: "I have a very strong friendship with Emilio - the representative of the bullfighting house - since I was a novillero without horses, but I have never had the chance to make my debut with this bull-breeding in public. I will do it in a bullfight. Besides, there is a great atmosphere in Lucena, the poster has fitted perfectly and there will be a lot of people from Seville who will go to see the bullfight", says the young bullfighter.

And he stresses that "Lucena has a tradition of opening the season; throughout history, bullfighting figures such as Espartaco, Juan Mora, Finito de Córdoba or the maestro Litri, favourite son of the town, have been in the bullfighting ring. This type of initiative is very good. And they are not only positive for the fans, but also for the young bullfighters who have been asking for a place", says the bullfighter from Seville. And he concludes: "I think these are going to be some very good years for bullfighting" with regard to this type of young posters and the attendance of fans in the bullrings.

Finally, he said that "this year the objective is to confirm the alternative in Madrid". "It's almost nine years of alternative and I think it's time to confirm. I feel ready, I have followed a straight path, always respecting the profession and all the professionals, respecting the concept of bullfighting that I have and being faithful to it. I should have arrived earlier, but if it could be this year, it is the ideal moment. Madrid is my objective", he concludes.

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