Las Ventas bullring and the prevention measures by COVID-19

Published : 2020-03-12 08:53:25
Categories : Breaking News

Madrid Community extends the prevention measures by the COVID-19 to Las Ventas bullring

Press release from Madrid bullring, the 11th March, 2020.

..."Community of Madrid suspends the first two Novilladas of the season scheduled on March 22 and 29. The management company of Las Ventas, Plaza 1, received this afternoon the communication from the Regional Government.
The official document states: “In view of the preventive measures and recommendations following the instruction of the Ministry of Health of March 10, 2020, it communicates to the company Plaza 1 the suspension of the start of the bullfighting season coinciding with the two heifers scheduled on the 22nd and March 29, 2020, without prejudice to the extensions that both the Ministry of Health and the Community of Madrid may agree on successively ”.
"...Likewise, the Community transmits "a message of tranquility and confidence in the measures adopted by the competent institutions... "

"...Tickets purchased online will be returned directly to the credit cards with which the purchase was made"....

nota de prensa medidas de prevención en las ventas

To our clients, we ask for patience, the amount of the ticket will be returned in the course of the next 10 business days. We will continue reporting any news or action taken for the rest of the celebrations.