Manzanares interrupts his bullfighting season

Published : 2017-08-04 00:00:00
Categories : Toreros

The right-hander will be treated for a cervical injury

José María Manzanares has been forced to temporarily interrupt his season as he will be operated urgently in the coming days. A cervical lesion caused by a "C5-C6 disc herniation producing acute medullary radicular compression" and in order to "avoid the possibility of a tetraplegia", according to the medical part signed by Dr. Trujillo, is the reason for the Imminent operation.

The displacement of the disc between both vertebrae neurologically affects the upper limbs, manifesting more severely in the left arm. Affected by the last weeks of severe neck pain, José María Manzanares was examined at the Sagrado Corazón Hospital in Seville, where doctors confirmed the need to be treated urgently, since any "fall, blow or sudden movement could lead to a situation irreversible".

Noté from Servitoro:

The next dates of the bullfighter are, therefore, pending confirmation due to the surgical intervention and its subsequent rehabilitation. In case you have purchased tickets on our website for any of his bullfights and wish the refund for change in the poster, the customer should go directly to the ticket office of the bullring.