Morante de la Puebla and Paco Ureña with the students of the School of Madrid.

Published : 2017-06-06 00:00:00
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The bullfighters have visited the José Cubero "Yiyo" School based in Las Ventas.

Almost fifty students train daily in the bullring of Las Ventas to fight for their dream of becoming bullfighting figures. During this month of operation of the school, the students have received the visit of Morante de La Puebla and Paco Ureña.

The Sevillian bullfighter shared for more than two hours reflections on his concept and bullfighting in general. Morante advised them to look within themselves to be different and especially stressed that bullfighting is naturalness, not only in handling the bullfighting instruments but also in the way of behaving in the bullring. He asked the teachers to work a lot on the total bullfighting, that everyone should learn all the suertes so that they would know how to banderillear even if they did not always do it. He valued the bullfighter who is capable of banderillear all the bulls and cited the teacher of the School, Miguel Rodriguez, as a good example of this.

Paco Ureña also visited the students of the School at the end of March, showing them that effort and struggle have their reward, as has been his case. He told the students about his personal experience and the long road of struggle and belief in himself to endure and endure the lack of opportunities. He is currently one of the bullfighters who has best fit in with the fans of Vente and explained that it is both a source of pride and a great responsibility.

The functions of the school include collaboration in the improvement and promotion of bullfighting, facilitating the birth of new values that contribute to its survival and enhancement; and the teaching of theoretical and practical knowledge corresponding to the learning of the various suertes of bullfighting, which help aspiring bullfighters to be formed as bullfighters in their various forms.

The theoretical subjects are centered on learning about the history of bullfighting through its main figures and getting to know the fighting bull by analyzing the bulls' breeds, morphology and behavior. For this purpose, they use the facilities of the Sala Cossío, the bullring library and the Aula Antoñete. On the practical side, in addition to the daily bullfighting classes, it should be noted that in just one month of operation of the José Cubero "Yiyo" School, eleven tentaderos have been held and nearly fifty cows have been fought.

Loa alumnos junto Morante.