Official posters for the April Fair of Seville 2022

Published : 2022-02-24 16:47:00
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We already have posters for the April Fair of Seville. The long awaited day has arrived and the Pages company, as has been the custom for 90 years, presented the posters for the April Fair.

Pages with Ramon Valencia as director has presented a bullfighting cycle without the famous poster that every year is painted by a renowned international or national painter commissioned by the noble institution of the Real Maestranza of Seville. And in this absence, the company wanted to present the poster on the 90th anniversary of its management of the bullring.

In the season bullfighting calendar there are 6 bullfights of Morante de La Puebla, divided between Easter Sunday, 3 in the April Fair and 2 in the San Miguel Fair. The bullfighter from La Puebla del Rio celebrates this year his 25th anniversary as an alternative bullfighter and has wanted to be the protagonist of this season in Seville.

The bullfights of El Juli, Roca Rey, Jose Mari Manzanares, Juan Ortega and Pablo Aguado will also be special.  And the 2 afternoons of Tomas Rufo, Miguel Angel Perera, Daniel Luque, Emilio de Justos, Diego Urdiales and Ginez Marin.

We will see two alternatives, one in April of the novillero Manuel Perera and another of Calerito in San Miguel Fair. This year Pages has wanted to give more opportunities to Sevillian bullfighters and has put together a poster with 6 bullfighters from Seville (the bullfight of the opportunity).

It's interesting the bullfight with Miuras bulls of Manuel Escribano in the last bullfight of the fair where he will fight alone. For rejones bullfight, the poster will be composed by the Hermoso de Mendoza family.  And as for rejones, the poster will be composed by the Hermoso de Mendoza family. Father and son return to fight in Seville together with the French Lea Vicens.

We have to mention the three afternoons of the bulls of Juan Pedro Domecq, the return of Nuñez del Cuvillo, also of Virgen María-Santa Ana and Torrestrella.

As for absences, it is worth mentioning the absence of Diego Ventura in the bullfighting and the absence of Talavante for having committed himself exclusively with the company of Madrid and also Paco Ureña, who, according to the impresario, could not give him a bullfight of his category.

In terms of novilladas bullfights (young bulls), 5 novilladas have been announced within the season ticket, distributed between the months of May and June, and later, after the end of the fair, the famous summer night novilladas will be announced in July.

In summary, seeing the composition of the posters, will be a very colorful fair, in which as always are the top of the bullfighters and you can buy your tickets at official partner for the sale of bullfighting tickets of all bullrings in Spain.


Sunday, 17/04: MoranteJuan Ortega and Pablo Aguado (Juan Pedro) (Easter Sunday).

Sunday, 24/04: Oliva Soto, Esaú Fernández, Javier Jiménez, Borja Jiménez, Lama de Góngora and Ángel Jiménez (Virgen María-Santa Ana).

Wednesday, 27/04: José Garrido, Joaquín Galdós and Alfonso Cadaval (Santiago Domecq).

Thursday, 28/04: El FandiMiguel Ángel Perera and Daniel Luque (Parralejo).

Friday, 29/04: MoranteDiego Urdiales and Manzanares (Jandilla).

Saturday, 30/04: Antonio Ferrera, Miguel Ángel Perera and Emilio de Justo (Victorino).

Sunday, 01/05: Hermoso de Mendoza, Lea Vicens and Guillermo Hermoso (San Pelayo–Capea) Rejones bullfight.

Monday, 02/05: El Juli, Roca Rey and Tomás Rufo (Victoriano del Río).

Tuesday, 03/05: Daniel Luque, Ginés Marín and Álvaro Lorenzo (Parladé).

Wednesday, 04/05: El JuliManzanares and Pablo Aguado (Garcigrande).

Thursday, 05/05: Diego Urdiales, Emilio de Justo and Cayetano (García Jiménez).

Friday, 06/05: Morante, Juan Ortega and Roca Rey (Cuvillo). 

Saturday, 07/05: MoranteEl Juli and Manuel Perera (alternative) (Torrestrella).

Sunday, 08/05: Manuel Escribano (Miura).



Sunday, 22/05: Manolo Vázquez, Jorge Martínez and Isaac Fonseca (Núñez de Tarifa).

Sunday, 29/05: Pablo Páez, González Écija and Álvaro Burdiel (Villamarta).

Thursday, 09/06: Santana Claros, Jesús Álvarez and Manuel Diosleguarde (José Luis Pereda).

Thursday, 16/06: Emilio Silvera, Calerito and Daniel de la Fuente (Espartaco).

Thursday, 23/06: El Melli, Lalo de María and Joselito Sánchez (Torrehandilla).

Thursday, 30/06: Curro Durán, Marcos Linares and Mario Navas (Buenavista). 



Friday, 23/09: MoranteJuan Ortega and Tomás Rufo (García Jiménez).

Saturday, 24/09: Manzanares, Roca Rey and Calerito (alt.) (Victoriano del Río).

Sunday, 25/09: MoranteGinés Marín and Pablo Aguado (Juan Pedro Domecq).