Official presentation of the Fallas Fair

Published : 2017-03-28 00:00:00
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Simón Casas: "It is a very finished Fair, of a very high level and above all, very balanced.
very balanced".

The 2017 Fallas Fair has been presented this morning. For the first time, Valencia and its Fallas are World Heritage as dictated by Unesco and its bullfighting fair is an important pillar among the music, gunpowder and ninots that floods Valencia in the month of March.

Simón Casas Production has put together an attractive Feria with seven bullfights, a bullfight with bullfighters, two bullfights with young bulls and one without horses. According to Simón Casas, "it is a very well rounded Fair, of a very high level and above all very balanced. There are almost all the stars along with the emerging bullfighters. There is a common thread and in a certain way we can guarantee that, on paper, there will not be an afternoon without a triumph; this is one of the objectives I have in all the bullrings I manage".

The company continues to bet on the young and Valencia once again marks the future of the season by bringing together established figures with the youth who have made a place for themselves with the greats.

One of the great events of Fallas will be the reappearance of Manuel Escribano after the serious accident suffered last Feria de Hogueras in Alicante. Ponce could not miss his appointment with Valencia, as well as Manzanares, El Juli, Talavante, Castella, Perera, Cayetano?

Simón wants to highlight the presence of bullfighters who, with their triumphs, have earned their place in Fallas: "in addition to Roca Rey and López Simón, highlight Ginés Marín who triumphed very strongly in Valencia in the closing of October, Román, who besides being Valencian is a bullfighter who cut in 2016 two ears in Madrid, Javier Jiménez went out on shoulders in Las Ventas, Ureña was triumphant in Seville and Madrid, David Mora was the winner of San Isidro, the pure bullfighting of Curro Díaz, Álvaro Lorenzo, etc. The novilleros are of the highest category with the presence of the leading novillero Andy Younes. The morning of bullfighting has the maximum figure as Diego Ventura and the great revelation of last season, Lea Vicens. All together, the result will be a great Feria".

In addition, Simón Casas says that the July Fair will be held from Thursday 20 to Sunday 23, "we know that Cuadri's livestock will be announced and will be the bullfighting contribution to the Valencian season. I can also say that on Saturday 22, Varea will be part of the poster. In July there will be no shortage of bullfighting stars".

The Fallas season also includes the novillada (young bullfight) to be held at the Feria de la Virgen on May 13.

The combinations are as follows:


Friday, March 10: Erales de Aida Jovani for Miguel Senent "Miguelito" (Bullfighting School of Valencia), Ramón Serrano (Bullfighting School of Murcia) and Álvaro Passalacqua (Bullfighting School of Málaga).

Saturday, March 11: Bulls from Alcurrucén for Juan Bautista, Fortes and Álvaro Lorenzo.

Sunday, March 12: Fuente Ymbro bulls for Juan José Padilla, Curro Díaz and Manuel Escribano.

Monday 13: Young bulls of El Parralejo for Diego Carretero, Leo Valadez and Jorge Rico.

Tuesday 14: Young bulls of José Vázquez for Cristian Climent, Andy Younes and Marcos.

Wednesday 15: Jandilla-Vegahermosa bulls for David Mora, Paco Ureña and Javier Jiménez.

Thursday 16: Victoriano del Río-Toros de Cortés bulls for Sebastián Castella, Miguel Ángel Perera and Román.

Friday 17: Bulls of Núñez del Cuvillo for El Fandi, Manzanares and Roca Rey.

Saturday 18: Bulls of Juan Pedro Domecq for Enrique Ponce, Cayetano and Ginés Marín.

Sunday 19: Matinal de rejones. Bulls of Fermín Bohórquez for Diego Ventura, Manuel Manzanares and Lea Vicens.

Sunday 19: Garcigrande-Domingo Hernández bulls for El Juli, Alejandro Talavante and López Simón.

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