Three bullfights for San Juan Fair of Badajoz

Published : 2019-09-30 00:00:00
Categories : Programs and fairs

Three bullfights for San Juan Fair of Badajoz

Pardaleras Bullring will celebrate its Bulfighting Fair on June 22, 23 and 24

The FIT ('Fusion Internacional por la Tauromaquia'), management company of the Bullring of Badajoz, has presented the posters of the Fair of San Juan 2019, which will be held from Saturday June 22 to Monday 24, with two bullfights and one more with horses.

The protagonist of the Fair will be the bullfighter Antonio Ferrera, recent and resounding winner of San Isidro, who will act two afternoons. It also highlights the entry in the posters of Pablo Aguado after his great Prince's Gate in Seville and the presence of Ginés Marín, who has cut two ears in his double appointment in Madrid.

The art of horse-bullfighting will count with Hermoso de Mendoza and the French Amazon Léa Vicens.

Badajoz bullfighting