Paquirri will reappear at the Horse Fair

Published : 2019-06-05 00:00:00
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Paquirri will reappear at the Horse Fair

Francisco Rivera has chosen the appointment in Jerez de la Frontera to return to the ring, specifically on May 18 closing the Fair

The town of Cadiz celebrates its great international date from May 11 to 18, a week in which horses, wine, flamenco and, of course, the bulls become absolute protagonists.

The bullfight season ticket will start on Thursday 16 with the traditional bullfight with horses; bulls from Fermín Bohórquez for the figures Andy Cartagena, Diego Ventura and Léa Vicens. On Friday it will be the turn of El Fandi, José María Manzanares and Roca Rey with the Núñez del Cuvillo bulls.

The poster will close on the 18th, with Francisco Rivera 'Paquirri' dressed again in lights. Morante de la Puebla and El Juli will accompany him in the 'paseíllo'; in front of them, bulls from Garcigrande - Domingo Hernández.

Jerez Horse Fair

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