Presented the combinations of San Mateo Fair 2019

Published : 2019-08-12 00:00:00
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Presented the combinations of San Mateo Fair 2019

Bullring La Ribera will host four bullfights, one more with horses and several popular festivities

The Bullfighting Fair of Logroño will take place this year between September 21 and 25 and will feature five major bullfights and the usual popular ones as morning heifers. In addition, it will feature the novelty of the uncaged of the bulls for the Trimmers Contest on September 22nd.

Regarding the bullfights, Diego Urdiales's double in his fiefdom stands out, the farewell of El Cid of the Rioja fans, the presence of winners of the season such as Antonio Ferrera, Cayetano or Roca Rey and the new blood of Pablo Aguado, Ginés Marín or Luis David. Posters for all tastes that make up a great San Mateo poster.

Poster, by the way, starring Arnedo's bullfighter,  Diego Urdiales and with a nod to the city of Logroño in the jacket of the light suit, since the drawing on the back is the iconic Iron Bridge railing.

Logroño Bullfighting Fair

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