Fallas Fair 2018 presented

Published : 2018-02-19 00:00:00
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Fallas Fair 2018 presented

It will be held from 10 to 19 March and again consists of seven bullfights, one bullfight with horses, two steer bullfights and one more without horses

The act took place last Friday in the Gardens of the Orchard of Santa María de El Puig and were present the General Director of the Agency for Security and Response to Emergencies of the Generalitat Valenciana, José María Ángel Batalla; the Mayor of El Puig, Luisa Salvador; the bullfighter Román; the manager of Valencia bullring, Nacho Lloret and the manager of Toropasión, Miguel Ángel Pérez.

Simón Casas Production returns to bet on the conjunction between the great figures of bullfighting and the young values ​​that have earned their presence in Fallas.

In words of Nacho Lloret, "it's a great fair with the figures and young people who come stomping in. Every day there are incentives to come to the bullring and being the first big fair of the season we have to set the tone to follow" .

Román will be two afternoons, one of the revelations of last season, which highlighted that "it's a great bet and I like the two posters." As a Valencian, it's a dream to be able to fight on San José's day and I want the fans to see that I'm growing as a bullfighter".

These are the combinations:

  • · Saturday March 10: steers from Nazario Ibáñez for José Antonio Valencia (Taurine School of Arles), Arturo Gilio (Mexico) and Borja Collado (Taurine School of Valencia).
  • · Sunday 11: bulls of Jandilla-Vegahermosa for Juan José Padilla, El Fandi and Román.
  • · Monday 12: Fernando Peña's steers for Jesús Chover, Alejandro Gardel and Ángel Téllez.
  • · Tuesday 13: El Freixo steers for Toñete, Jorge Rico and Marcos.
  • · Wednesday 14: bulls of Alcurrucén for David Mora, Álvaro Lorenzo and Luis David Adame.
  • · Thursday 15: Fuente Ymbro bulls for Juan Bautista, Daniel Luque and José Garrido.
  • · Friday 16: bulls of Núñez del Cuvillo for Sebastián Castella, José María Manzanares and Roca Rey.
  • · Saturday 17: bulls of Domingo Hernández-Garcigrande for Enrique Ponce, Alejandro Talavante and Paco Ureña.
  • · Sunday 18: bulls of Juan Pedro Domecq for Miguel Ángel Perera, Cayetano and López Simón.
  • · Monday the 19th morning: bulls from Fermín Bohórquez for the rejoneadores Andy Cartagena, Sergio Galán and Lea Vicens.
  • Evening: Victoriano del Río-Toros de Cortés bulls for Antonio Ferrera, Román and Ginés Marín.

The Fair of the 'Virgen de los Desamparados' is included in the season ticket
, with a steer bullfight from Gómez de Morales on Sunday May 12th for Cristian Climent, Jorge Isiegas and Carlos Ochoa.



The fighting bull ranches reviewed for Fallas Fair

The list would probably coincide with last year one

This weekend we have known the name of the fighting bull ranches that will fight in the next Fallas Fair in Valencia. At first, there would be no news regarding the 2017 list and therefore would return to the bullfights:

  • · Alcurrucén
  • · Victoriano del Río
  • · Jandilla
  • · Juan Pedro Domecq
  • · Núñez del Cuvillo
  • · Domingo Hernández-Garcigrande
  • · Fuente Ymbro

So seven bullfights are maintained in the season ticket and the fighting bull ranch of El Parralejo will also repeat with a steer bullfight.

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