Posters of the XIV Contest “Espiga de Plata” of Calasparra

Published : 2024-05-30 11:57:53
Categories : Breaking News

Certainly, here is the press release translated into English for a British English speaker to understand perfectly:

Chipé Producciones, the Calasparra Town Council, and the Working Committee have presented this afternoon the posters for the two events that make up the Silver Spike Contest, which this year celebrates its fifteenth edition and continues to bet on the future of the Festival.

The Silver Spike will coincide with the feast day of the Saints San Abdón and San Senén of this Murcian town and schedules two bullfights without picadors with posters of maximum interest for the fans.

These festivities will take place on the 27th and 30th of July, respectively, with the following line-ups:

27th of July. Bulls from Martín Campos for Angelín, Arturo Cartagena, Alejandro Casado, Marco Polope, Julio Méndez, and Javier Cuartero.

30th of July. Bulls from Daniel Ramos for Carlos Tirado, Daniel Moset, Mario Vilau, Olga Casado, Jorge Hurtado, Jaime de Pedro, and Salvador Ruiz ‘El Marqués’.

Both events will begin at 19:00 hours.

The winner of the Silver Spike is guaranteed a place in the Golden Spike in future editions.


The mayor of Calasparra, Teresa García, spoke positively about this contest: “We are happy because we continue to reaffirm our commitment to enhancing the future of bullfighting, and this year we are offering even more opportunities to young bullfighters. I want to highlight the presence of the local bullfighter, El Marqués, who will be fighting before his fellow townspeople for the first time. For us, it is a great joy that young people from our town are excited and passionate about the world of bullfighting.”

Finally, the mayor highlighted the “generosity of the company” in creating the posters for the Silver Spike “giving participation to both the Town Council and the Working Committee, gathering all ideas and proposals and applying them.”

For his part, the businessman Pedro Pérez ‘Chicote’ explained that “Calasparra is a great promoter of the future of bullfighting, paying attention and focusing on the two tiers of bullfighters.”

“I am very excited,” said Chicote, “to present a Silver Spike with this format again, where we give space and opportunity to more bullfighters than last year.”

Lastly, Chicote emphasized “the good collaboration we maintain between the Town Council, Working Committee, and company in all decisions to be made.”

Chipé Producciones has created a season pass to attend all the bullfighting events that will be held in the 2024 season, specifically these two bullfights without picadors and the six picadors bullfights in September, maintaining the price policy and the ease of payment of the subscription in installments.


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