Sevilla bullring and the prevention measures by COVID-19

Published : 2020-03-16 08:19:30
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Sevilla bullring accepts the preventive measures by COVID-19 and suspends the sale of tickets.

Sevilla bullring news release, 

The 15th of March, 2020

Due to the STATE OF ALARM and taking into account the measures adopted by the Government of Spain on Saturday, as well as the provisions of Andalusian managers, Company Pagés has decided to proceed to close the ticket offices during the 15 days that, in principle, this state of alarm decreed due to the spreading of the coronavirus COVID-19 in our country.

The company wants to send a reassuring message to its subscribers, informing them that, after the expiration of these 15 days, it will act in accordance with the orders that come from the competent authority and take appropriate measures.

With this decision, Company Pagés intends to protect and safeguard the health of all its customers in an exercise of responsibility that currently concerns us all to prevent further spreading of this virus.

Plaza de toros de Sevilla comunicado

The 24th of March, 2020

Official statement Covid-19


From the Pagés Company we want to convey our sincere thanks to the Spanish Health Service, the State Security Forces, corporations and companies and to all those who are working for the good of our country and to control COVID-19. 

We also want to thank our subscribers for the trust placed in this company and to inform them that, once normality is restored and we can proceed to the opening of our offices, the corresponding refund of the amount of their season tickets will begin.

The Company Pagés is aware that we are facing a special year and wants to clarify that each subscriber will retain the privilege of their sites for a next subscription.

It is our desire to be able to start the season as soon as possible, and for this we will create a new subscription that covers the celebrations that are scheduled, always within prudence and observing the sanitary guidelines, when the competent authority allows it.

We want to thank the fans for the trust and understanding they have shown us and clarify that all the measures taken so far have been to protect the fans in an unprecedented situation that we hope will end as soon as possible.

Sevilla bullring