Successful attendance at the Winter Fair of Madrid

Published : 2018-03-19 00:00:00
Categories : Madrid

Nearly 10,000 people in Vistalegre this weekend and great media repercussion.

The 2018 Madrid Winter Fair has been a great success. The influx of spectators to the two festivities held has increased significantly compared to previous years. In this regard, the tribute bullfight to D. Victorino Martín Andrés registered an entry of 6,222 spectators, of which, 1,355 came to Vistalegre on trips organized by collectives, peñas and bullfighting associations. The novillada registered an entry of 3,125 fans.

The media interest aroused by the Madrid Winter Fair has generated front pages, news pieces and numerous headlines in national and international media that have put bullfighting in the place it deserves as any other cultural activity. The triumphs of the bullfighters and bull-breeders have had repercussions in Spain, France, Portugal and Russia thanks to these media. The Madrid Winter Fair has also been broadcasted live on one of the television channels that is most committed to bullfighting events. The share of Castilla la Mancha Media has been once again above the average of the channel thanks to the two bullfights organized in the old Chata.

In the artistic section, the balance is also important. The resounding success of the "puerta grande" was overshadowed by failures with the steel. Nevertheless, practically all the bullfighters have triumphed and come out of the Winter Fair reinforced.

Finally, Tauroemoción SLU would like to thank the confidence of the fans attending the weekend's events, the bullfighting professionals, breeders, bullfighting personnel and all the people and entities that, directly or indirectly, have made possible the celebration of the tribute to the best bullfighter in history: D. Victorino Martín Andrés.

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