The first ever bullfight in ‘Huévar del Aljarafe’, Seville

Published : 2024-05-29 20:03:39
Categories : Breaking News

Here is the press release translated into British English for a Londoner to understand perfectly:

It will be a mixed celebration and will take place on the 22nd of June The City Council of Huévar del Aljarafe (Seville) and the businessman Pedro Pérez ‘Chicote’ have presented this afternoon the poster for the mixed celebration that will take place on the 22nd of June in this town and will be the first in its history.

The presentation took place at the House of Culture of Huévar and the mayor of Huévar, María Eugenia Moreno Oropesa, and the businessman Pedro Pérez ‘Chicote’, as well as representatives of the collaborating groups, participated in it.

The poster is as follows:

Bullring of Huévar del Aljarafe (Seville)
Saturday 22nd of June at 9:00 PM
6 Bulls of Clairac for the horseback. Bullfighter SEBASTIÁN FERNÁNDEZ, the novice bullfighters with picadors FERNÁNDEZ DE LA PUEBLA and MANUEL CASADO and the novice bullfighter without horses MIGUEL VÁZQUEZ BARÓN


The mayor of Huévar, María Eugenia Moreno, highlighted in the presentation that “every public leader must have the obligation to preserve and contribute to culture and traditions. Within our culture is our National Celebration, which will always find the support and defence of this mayor and her team”. She added, “With the celebration of this bullfighting event, from Huévar we make a great effort and a strong commitment to our Celebration, and that is why from here I invite all corners of Spain, especially the small ones like Huévar, to celebrate this type of events”.

For his part, Chicote described this appointment on the 22nd of June as a “historic moment for Huévar” as it is the first celebration in its history. “It means recovering a municipality for Bullfighting, as bulls have never been given and that is also a satisfaction for a company”. About the poster he highlighted: “It is a very varied event with a leader of the rejoneo like Sebastián Fernández and novice bullfighters from the land”. He also pointed out the coordinated work with brotherhoods and local associations, which will help to make the result positive.