The great extraordinary bullfighting fair of Soria

Published : 2021-07-08 16:05:34
Categories : Programs and fairs

Extraordinary Bullfighting Fair of Soria

Press release with the bulls of Roman Sorando for July 10, 2021
Serious "Sorandos" for this Saturday's "cartelazo" in Soria
Urdiales, de Justo and Ortega will be in charge of the bull run at 18h.

Serious running of the bulls from Román Sorando for this Saturday in Soria. It will be fought by Diego Urdiales, Emilio de Justo and Juan Ortega in the biggest bullfight of the fair.

Undoubtedly, the expectation that the poster has generated since its presentation has generated a great atmosphere that is reflected in the box office. The expectation is high to see a line-up of winners: Urdiales in Burgos, de Justo in Madrid and Ortega as the undisputed revelation. The three bullfighters are going through a sweet moment.