The news of the week: Tomás Rufo opens the

Published : 2019-09-28 00:00:00
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Tomás Rufo opens the "Puerta Grande" of Las Ventas

The "novillero" from Talavera de la Reina, Tomás Rufo, has cut two ears to the bulls of Fuente Ymbro in the first show of the Otoño Fair.


Presented the San Lucas Fair 2019

Last night Tauroemoción presented the last Fair of the season 2019 with a great gala. Andy Cartagena, Leonardo Hernández and Emilio de Justo were invited º1


Jano, a very famous painter, will inaugurate the Otoño Fair

Francisco Fernández-Zarza, Jano, illustrated the movies of the 50s and his posters were exhibited in Madrid's Gran Vía.


Ávila celebrates a charity festival on October

Tauroemoción has organized a beneficial bullfighting festival on October 13th Great bullfighters like Finito de Córdoba will participate in the festival.


The art of Curro Díaz

On October 6th, Sunday, Curro Díaz will fight for the third time this season in the Madrid bullring. He participated trice in San Isidro Fair; the first one in June 1st. with Antonio Ferrera, Luis David and bulls of Zalduendo.

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