Two ovations in the novillada of the Autumn Fair

Published : 2017-09-27 00:00:00
Categories : Madrid

Jesús Enrique Colombo and Carlos Ochoa received a standing ovation in the "Novillada Picada" of the Feria.

Venezuelan Jesús Enrique Colombo once again demonstrated his solvency in the three tercios. His first steer was extinguished early and, despite the great thrust, did not come out to greet the ovation. The second of his lot posed greater complications and Colombo was even flipped over without consequences. After trying the impossible, he killed the second time.

Leo Valadez fought a lot with little strength and was unlucky with the sword, so he was silenced in both faenas. Carlos Ochoa was also short-lived with his first bull, which he killed with an effective thrust and received palmas (applause). After the death of his second, the best of the afternoon, he received a standing ovation.

Presentation and farewells

Carlos Ochoa was presented yesterday at Las Ventas as a novillero with picadors, after having left through the Puerta Grande in his previous stage without horses.

On the other hand, both Jesús Enrique Colombo and Leo Valadez said goodbye to the Madrid bullring as novilleros, since both will take the alternative in the next Pilar Fair.

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