Ureña receives two ovations in the last of the Autumn Fair

Published : 2017-09-28 00:00:00
Categories : Madrid

A bullfight of Adolfo Martín closed the Feria in which Juan Bautista and Paco Ureña had to solve the difficulties that all the bulls presented.

El Francés was not right with the steel in that bull and in the third one and Paco Ureña, on the other hand, left muletazos and series of quality but without continuity due to the condition of his opponents.

The first bull of the afternoon received a standing ovation at the start for its seriousness. On the left side the animal was impossible and therefore he based his work on the right side, even signing a tanda al natural. He wanted to go in for the kill receiving the bull in the center of the ring but the bull did not respond and when he put his foot on the back of the head, the thrust was guarded. Then he failed with the descabello. He was also bad with the steel with the third bull with which he left a work of maximum seriousness and elegance but it did not reach the audience. The fifth bull was a bit difficult to handle on the muleta and presented many difficulties.

Paco Ureña's reception of the second bull of the afternoon was echoed in the audience. On the right with the muleta he was better on the right where he signed two series that had good air but then with the left the work was blurred and was rammed when he crossed looking for the placement. The thrust was effective. With the sixth there were some outstanding moments in the natural and he went in for the kill with everything. The most aggressive of the bulls in fourth place did not have a good run and Ureña insisted without the possibility of winning.

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