Send your tickets

The delivery, will make inside Spain and Portugal (except Islas Madeira y Azores).

The home delivery service of SERVITORO , offers the user the possibility to purchase tickets easily and securely from home, avoiding long queues and waiting at the door.
All orders are sent by courier to the address that the user has previously indicated on your order.
Tickets are sent to the user in advance 2-4 days of the date of the celebration.
For non-residents or foreign nationals, SERVITORO offers the possibility to make delivery of tickets in hotels, hostels or similar during his stay in Spain, coinciding with the celebration of the festival.
In case of cancellation of flights , transport strikes and the like, SERVITORO not refund lost tickets.
Deliveries of tickets are made only to hand to individuals, in any case deposited in mailboxes or mailrooms.
The user inputs that are not picked up through no fault to SERVITORO, non will refundable , therefore they do not give you any right to claim.
Once the ticketing received by the user, they shall be deemed delivered.
SERVITORO not responsible for loss, theft, breakage, etc. If lost or misplaced, they do not perform duplicate cards.

PDF document-print, if your tickets have been purchased in PDF format, they will only be sent by e-mail to the account provided at the time of registration, make sure you receive our first purchase confirmation email, to avoid incidents in the e-delivery of the tickets. Tickets will be sent 24 hours before the celebration (confirm in SPAM).

In the event of an incident in the entries received, if it is not notified within 24 hours, Servitoro is not responsible for the possibility of amending any error committed in the assignment of said tickets. Communicate immediately to the email or phone 963308593. (if the client arrive of same day of the bullfight, we will attend our mistake without problem and we will solve inconvenient with the tickets the same day).

Other considerations:

The performance of any purchase made by the User implies acceptance of the purchase conditions, visible in our web.
Selling products is firm and not allow overrides by the user , whatever the cause.