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Mario Alcalde

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Bullfighter Mario Alcalde Vílchez

Mario Alcalde

Date of birth: Barajas de Melo (Cuenca), on August 7, 1992.

Public debut: It took place on 16 September 2006. That afternoon dealt erales Valti, accompanied by Simon and Miguel Garcia Lopez "Miguelín". Dressed in a suit and gold silk did the August 27, 2008 in Alcocén (Guadalajara), next to Alvaro Montalvo and Juan Duque, with bulls of Martin Figueros.

He debuted with picadors: In Ledaña (Cuenca) on April 11, 2010 in a poster completed by Rafael Castellanos and "Miguelín" with Fernando Peña steers.
Debut in Las Ventas: The July 24, 2011 I acartelado with Diego Ortiz Cayetano Silveti and steers Guadalest and La Constancia.

Born in Barajas de Melo, although based in Madrid, Mayor Vilchez Mario came into the world on 7 August 1992. bullfighting aficionado since childhood, he was a pupil of the school "Marcial Lalanda" of Madrid.

In 2011 I rranco treading important places like Zaragoza in which short an ear, Sevilla, Valencia and Santander and was presented in sales. In 2012 toreo two afternoons in the Plaza de Toros Las Ventas where he was seriously injured in September 23 for his first bull, Hoyo de la Gitana .sumo 13 celebrations throughout 2013 with 15 cut ears and 3 tails in Las sales circled the arena after a steer Marletilla estoquear.

Currently she continues to reap success