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Francisco José Palazón

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Bullfighter Francisco José Palazón

Date of Birth: Petrer (Alicante), on March 19, 1981

Public debut:

Debut of Lights: On November 2, 1997, in Minaga (Albacete).

Debut with picadors: In Elda (Alicante), on 3 March 2001, with bulls Alice and Chico César and accompanied by Leandro Marcos and Jorge Ibanez.

Sales Debut: On May 1, 2003, with steers Navalrosal, accompanied by Salvador Cortez and Santiago Mancino.

Alternative: In Alicante, on 24 June 2004. Godfather: José María Manzanares (father). Witness: José María Manzanares. Toro: "Prince," the herd of Daniel Ruiz. He cut two ears and left on the shoulders of the square.

  In January 2004 he breaks up with José Maguilla, who represented him from his time as an apprentice. In December 2005 she breaks up with Lionel Buisson. From March 2006 it seizes Manolo Carrillo.