Álvaro Burdiel

Álvaro Burdiel is a student of the School of Bullfighting of the Community of Madrid José Cubero 'Yiyo'. He participated in 'La Oportunidad' 2017 Contest in Vistalegre.

* Photographs by Joël Buravand and Plaza 1.

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Bullfighter Álvaro Burdiel

Álvaro Burdiel

Date of birth: November 3, 1998 in Seville.

Debut of lights: on September 19, 2017 in Villa del Prado, Madrid, along with Alfonso Ortiz and Cristóbal Ramos 'Parrita'. The steers were from Blanca Hervás. He went out on shoulders after cutting all the ears to his lot.

Training: Bullfighting School of Madrid José Cubero 'Yiyo'.

His reference is Morante de la Puebla and among his hobbies are football and flamenco.

In 'La Oportunidad' Contest held in Vistalegre in 2017 he gave a round to the ring.

Winner of the "Camino hacia Las Ventas" 2019. 

Great performance in Valdemorillo Fair 2022, with a bull of Sánchez Arjona, where he gives the return to the ring of the Valdemorillo bullring.