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Toros El Pilar - Fighting bulls - All information on livestock, property, currency, farms, acronyms and history. Tickets for all shows with bulls livestock El Pilar.

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Bulls El Pilar

Owner: Livestock El Pilar, S.L.

Representative: DE. Moises Fraile Martin

Currency: Green and White

Signal: Split in two

Villa: "Puerto de la Calderilla" Tamames (Salamanca)


Dividing the ranch of Don Alicio Cobaleda Marcos in 1948, part of that he was awarded to his daughter Dona Eusebia Cobaleda Gajate, wife of Don Bernardino Garcia Fonseca and adopted to announce their livestock the name "Castraz de Yeltes". In 1980 he gave his livestock to his son Don Jose Luis Garcia Cobaleda, who announced his name and that increased with cows livestock acquired his father, Don Bernardino Garcia Fonseca. In 1986 it was acquired by Don Antonio Perez Tabernero, who announces La Rivera. In 1987 sell Don Moses and Dona Maria del Pilar Fraile Gomez, who eliminated all of the above and formed with cows and sires of "Aldeanueva" owned by Don Domingo Matías Bernardos (Raboso).

In 2022, they participated in 23 festejos, fought 91 nets of this livestock and awarded 71 ears and one tail.