José Garrido Santos

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Bullfighter José Manuel Garrido Santos

Birth date: Badajoz, November, 1993.

Debut: "Novillero"(novice).

Alternativa: (Is a ceremony in which a bullfighter authorizes a novice to take his place among the doctorate bullfighters).

Confirmation:  (It's when the bullfighter confirms his "alternativa" or doctorate).

Pupil of the Bullfighting School of Badajoz with an extensive career of successes for the whole Spanish geography. Neat, considered of Rute's locality (Cordova) for familiar precedents, it began to feel the small worm of the Holiday from very pequeñito.

His father Jose Garrido Palomo, was a coach driver of Domecq's horses for 18 years. His first crutch, they gave her to him on having expired seven years of age and to the eight, it took part in his first tentadero. In the year 2009, Jose Garrido began to form a part of the equipment of riders of the estate " The Alburejos " and, of Álvaro Domecq Romero's hand, began to take part in spectacles of harassment and demolition, developing a great passion for the bull and the horse.

The same year, since member of the School of Bullfighting of Badajoz killed his first bull publicly in Olive of the Border (Badajoz) cutting two ears and tail. 2010 was a great year for this herdsman that there was making call to him in the cartels Jose Manuel Garrido "Pilferer".

The businessman Jose Cutiño, has offered him the début with horsebreakers in Olivenza's near bullfighting fair (Badajoz), in March, 2013.

A great moment of his career was when he went out the Puerta Grande in Bilbao in 2016 for cutting two ears and in 2017 in the same square where he braided the paseíllo up to three times.

His most important performances in 2022 were: the ear he cut in the Real Maestranza of Seville to an emjemplar of Sangiago Domecq. In Pamplona he took another trophy from a Fuente Ymbro bull and in Zaragoza he closed the season cutting ear and ear to each bull of Los Maños.