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Mario Pérez Langa

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Bullfighter Mario Pérez Langa

Birth date:Calatayud Zaragoza, On April 25, 1990


Alternativa: (Is a ceremony in which a bullfighter authorizes a novice to take his place among the doctorate bullfighters).

Confirmation:  (It's when the bullfighter confirms his "alternativa" or doctorate).

It was born in Teruel, Spain, in the population of Cherry-trees, wherefrom it took his name as herdsman

Mario Perez Langa is a native of Calatayud, a nice locality of the province of Saragossa, which it saw Aragonese was born on April 25, 1990 to the only one rejoneador, today in assets, and the second one of the whole history of Aragon. It is in Villafeliche where it begins his gait of a self-taught form and where it has his stable, which the same one is consolidating like challenge. Nowadays, the Aragonese rejoneador Mario Perez Langa, fulfills one of his dreams: to guarantee his career next to the Teacher Paul Hermoso of Mendoza.