Bullfight tickets Cieza – San Bartolome Festivities View larger

Bullfight tickets Cieza – San Bartolome Festivities

Bullfight Tickets Cieza 2024. All information about bullfighting shows, official bullfighting posters, news, bullfighters and festivities.

We apologize, at the moment, Servitoro hasn't tickets for this show, but we can recommend you, other bullfighting experiences a few kilometres from Cieza.

We find you a bullfighting show, close to place where you will stay! ask us for info@servitoro.com 

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Tickets not available for this Season

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Bullfight Tickets Cieza 2024.

San Bartolome Festivities in Cieza (Murcia)

Understand the Bullfight: 
Knowledge of bulls is the key to good amateur, why Servitoro explains step by step the art of bullfighting that you learn to see and enjoy the ceremony of the Lidia del Toro bravo. Become with us a first amateur in 15 minutes!

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