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Bullfight tickets Barbastro - Nuestra Señora de Barbastro Festivities

Bullfight Tickets Barbastro 2024. Buy tickets Barbastro. Barbastro one of the most important places of Huesca and Corona de Aragon, third city most populated of Huesca and so when they go out to celebrate the festivities in honor their Señora de Barbastro.

Servitoro, Official Box office of bullfighting tickets sales at Barbastro bullring.

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  • Date event: 2 septiembre 2024
  • Deadline for purchase: 30 septiembre 2024
  • Bullring: Barbastro. Bullring
  • Bullfighters:
  • Farms:

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Bullfight tickets Barbastro 2024

Unique show in the world, typical Spanish tradition and culture. Exciting celebration in which you are the protagonist.

Understand the Bullfight: 
Knowledge of bulls is the key to good amateur, why Servitoro explains step by step the art of bullfighting, that you learn to see and enjoy the ceremony of the Lidia del Toro bravo. Become with us a first amateur in 15 minutes!

Who are we?
Servitoro delivery service offers the User the opportunity to acquire the tickets in a safe and easy manner from his/her home address, avoiding long queues before ticket offices. Charges a fixed cost of 12€ per ticket VAT included. In the Bullring you can take pictures and record videos without permission.

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