Víctor Acebo

Víctor Acebo, born in Murcia and trained at the Bullfighting School of Murcia. Book your tickets to watch the next bullfights of your favorite bullfighter.

*Photo: his networks.

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Bullfighter Víctor Acebo

Date of Birth: on september 19th, 2000 in Murcia.

Training: Bullfighting School of Murcia.

He is the son of Víctor Manuel Acebo who was a bullfighter. He stood for the first time in front of a calf on March 13, 2015 where he surprised with only 14 years old.

Winner of the II Certamen Villa de Blanca, by cutting 3 ears in the novillada held in the Blanca bullring in August 2022, join the bullfighter Marcos Linares.