Víctor Acebo

Victor Acebo, French bullfighter from Torre Pacheco, Murcia. He is trained in the Bullfighting School of Almeria. Reserve your tickets to see the next bullfights where Lenny Martin will fight.

* Photographs from his social networks.

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Bullfighter Víctor Acebo

Date of Birth: on september 19th, 2000 in Murcia.

Training: Bullfighting School of Murcia.

Debut with picadors: April 2022.

Additional information: He is the son of Víctor Manuel Acebo who was a novillero. He was put for the first time in front of a calf on March 13, 2015 where he surprised with only 14 years old.

Winner of the II Certamen Villa de Blanca, by cutting 3 ears in the novillada held in the bullring of Blanca in August 2022, acartelado with the also novillero Marcos Linares.

This season, the Murcia novillero Víctor Acebo was the winner of the second qualifying novillada of the Feria de San Roque de Blanca by cutting a total of three ears. Acebo did the most outstanding in Escolar's novillada, which hardly gave options to the other Murcian of the poster, Parrita, who went empty.