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Curro Díaz

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Bullfighter Curro Díaz

Date of Birth: Born in Linares (Jaén) on May 20th, 1974.

Debut with picks: Manzanares, on April 14th, 1990.

Public debut: on January 6th, 1987 in Berja (Almería).

Debut of lights:

Debut in Las Ventas: on September 27th, 1992 with bulls of the bullpen and as fellow cartel The Madrid and Manuel Romero "Romerito"

Alternative: on September 1st, 1997 in Linares (Jaén). Godfather: Juan Carlos Garcia. Witness: Sebastián Córdoba. Cattle Valdemoro. The bull was called "Bilbanero". Ear and 2 ears. He dressed in white and gold.

His alternative was in the Plaza de las Ventas on August 31th, 2003 and debuted in the Real Maestranza de Sevilla in 1995.

The bullfighter linarense has been appointed by majority Trophy winner Manolete in the edition of 2016. It was the fourth bull slaughter on August 28th, called Lebrijano.

The bullfighter has already won three other times the coveted award.

Video: Curro Díaz in the bullring of Illescas, Toledo.