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Murteira Grave

Bulls of Murteira Grave. All the information about cattle firms, owner, insignia, farms, acronym and history. Buy your tickets for all bullfighting events with the  bulls of Murteira Grave.

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Bulls Murteira Grave

Owner: Sociedad Agrícola Monte de Aldeia, S.L.

Badge: blue and yellow.

Acronym: UBL.

Ear signal: orejisana in both.

Cattle farm: Oreja: Heredade de 'Galeana'7240- 016 GRANJA (PORTUGAL).

History: One of the lots in which the cattle ranch of Ramos Paúl, formerly Villamarta, was acquired by Ignacio Sánchez de Ibargüen and in 1958 sold to Mr. Joaquín Manuel Murteira Grave, who eliminated the cattle and bought cows and a stallion ("Sergeant" ", Nº 46) to Juan Guardiola Soto (formerly Parladé) and Samuel Flores who joined the Pinto Barreiros, who had already owned since 1944. In 1974 he bought two stallions of the Rincón line to Mr. Carlos Núñez. In 1985 he introduced a stallion bought from Mr. José Luis Vasconcellos (formerly Coimbra), from the Tamarón line. In 1987 he buys a stallion with the iron of Mr. Francisco Rivera "Paquirri", of provenance "Núñez" and Villamarta line. In 1994 two stallions are added with the iron of Mr. Juan Pedro Domecq Solís. Finally, in 1995, 30 cows and a stallion with the Heirs of Mr. Carlos Núñez were acquired.