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Buy your bullfight tickets to see Israel Lanchoin all fairs and bullrings where Israel Lanchofight this season. Official sale of bullfight tickets.

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Bullfighter Israel Lancho

Date of birth: On September 13, 1979 in Badajoz.

Public debut:

Debut of lights:

He debuted with picadors: On March 24, 2001 in Badajoz in Moreno cartel with Terry and Javier Solis with bulls Heirs Píriz Bernardino.

The debut Sales: May 24, 2005 I acartelado with David Mora and Andres Gonzalez steers Yerbabuena.

Alternative: On June 26, 2007 in Badajoz Witness Rivera Ordoñez with Steers Juan Albarran.